Alumni newsletter volume 1 issue 2 15 Dec 2020 29 Kislev 5781

Alumni musicians

Let’s play

Music is always a wonderful way to connect, and many musicians have come through our School gates over the years, including our youngest, Josh New and Chloe Ben-Mayor (Class of 2019) – they are Counter Collective, and have been playing music together since they met in Year 3.

Josh New and Chloe Ben-Mayor

Josh says: “We had our share of performances on the MPH stage, and now we’re facing the real world. With both of us being multi-instrumentalists, our specialty is live acoustic music with heaps of vocals, keys, guitar and even some sax! We’re happy to bring  music to any function, from 50ths to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and our repertoire encompasses a range of genres such as Jazz, Alternative and Pop with current and classic hits. You can listen to our music or send us a message through our social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram.”

Who would have thought the School could hold a Trivia event online? COVID-19 certainly has not stop us connecting with our community. There were a few Emanuel School-related questions, including “What year did the School open?” and “What inspired  33 Degreesan Emanuel alumni Jazz Band (Class of 2012), give their band its name?” – 33 degrees is the latitude of Emanuel School.

Two other graduates from the Class of 2012 who have also ventured out into the world of music are AJ America, now living in Canberra and Donny Janks. AJ is the co-founder of Luminescence Chamber Singers, a virtuosic vocal consort whilst Donny, who has been making electronic music for the past seven years, recently released his debut single One.

Daniel Weltlinger (Class of 1997) world-famous violinist and composer who has lived in Berlin for many years, usually returns to Sydney at least twice a year. However, the pandemic meant planned trips back to Australia for more live performances in 2020 had to be cancelled. One of the many things that coronavirus does not stop, is music – we just have to do it differently, and part of that “differently” includes Daniel’s performances in Synchronicity with the Dunera Project.

Jessica Loeb (Class of 2011) is one half of the Jess and Steve Duo, who perform current and classical hits as a multi-instrumental duo with piano effects, original guitar instrumentals, keys and a loop pedal to bring any and all events to life.

There are many other alumni musicians in our community and we would love to share your achievements too, so please be in touch with details.