Connect with us on social media

The School has produced a number of amazing YouTube videos showcasing our students and many aspects of School-life, especially as a way to stay connected with our community during lockdown. In case you missed them on Facebook, here’s one to keep you entertained.

Alumni Facebook page

This page was created to foster a sense of community among our former students and to keep the spirit of the School alive, long after your days at school have passed. We now have almost 900 members. Please join and stay in touch. Feel free to post on this page if you want to connect with other alumni and/or just let us know what you are up to.


When you’re next on LinkedIn, take a moment to visit the Emanuel School page. There are a number of interesting articles written by Emanuel School teachers, as part of our Thought Leadership Series.

We’d love to connect with you in future via LinkedIn, so remember to include Emanuel School in your profile.


Join our page, watt.s_up_at_emanuel, where special moments in the life of Emanuel School, big or small, to be shared on a regular basis.  For safety reasons, please ensure that your Instagram page is ‘private’.

Emanuel Shuk

The Emanuel Shuk is the place to swap, sell, buy and advertise pre-loved and new items, holiday homes and cars…in fact anything that is of value (actual or perceived) can be advertised here. If you have a business, you are welcome to tell us what you do, but please make it interesting and a special offer for the Emanuel community is always a bonus! There are guidelines for posting – please check out the pinned post for these.