Upcoming events

Michael Kitchener and Leon Goltsman at the Back to Emanuel event last year.

2021 school reunions

Traditionally we have held the majority of reunions towards the end of each year, and we had hoped to do so this year too, but COVID-19 put a stop to that, although it is not too late to have an online reunion and if you would like to help with your 2020 reunion there is no reason why it cannot be held in early 2021.

Sonia Newell will assist from the school-end to help with suggested venues and connecting you with your peers and past teachers. In addition, Gesher provides a financial contribution based on numbers attending.

If you and a friend would like to help with your respective reunions below, planned for next year, please get in touch.

Class of 2016 – 5 years

Class of 2011 – 10 years

Class of 2006 – 15 years

Class of 2001 – 20 years

Class of 1996 – 25 years

Class of 1991 – 30 years